Extend Your Reach With Live Streaming

Conferences everywhere are using Live Streaming as a means to reach those that aren’t geographically nearby and thus, connect with a wider audience. For example, last week at the Meetings & Events Australia National Conference in Darwin, even though Lauren was Live Streamingthe only member of the Forum Group Events team physically present to receive our National Awards for CSR and Education, the rest of our team were still able to enjoy the moment because of the Live Streaming.

Watching at home in Sydney, we still felt connected to the Association, the event and conference attendees, and we were able to compliment our industry colleagues on their speeches (without them knowing we were watching in our pyjamas)!

The weekend prior the TEDxSydney Conference utilised Live Streaming technology and had viewing parties from close as the Studio Theatre, underneath the main concert hall in the Opera House, to as far as Peru. In our increasingly global marketplace, we predict that within a few years Live Streaming will be the standard for all conferences wanting to have an internationally recognised brand.