Any event can be streamed live or pre-recorded

Video Streaming – Any event can be streamed live or can be recorded

With the increasing need to share content with your colleagues, clients, share important videos, advertise and business updates, hosting content online is the perfect solution. This method allows easy access to your content so it can then be viewed by your audience whenever they feel like. With the help of these video streaming service providers, any event can be streamed live or be pre-recorded and viewed later either on a computer or any other supported device.

Advantages of video content hosting

Any time you host your videos with StreamGate, you can easily lead prospective customers to your site and let them interact through that platform rather than on YouTube. This will ultimately generate more revenue and increase traffic through your site.

Similarly, through video analytic services provided by StreamGate, you will easily get to know about the progress of your videos, their reception and their impact. You will get a summary of loads, plays, hours watched and the average viewer engagement.

If you have a sales video, video content hosting is the best way to ensure viewership and viewers are prompted with a “call to action” option after viewing the video.

Is video streaming hosting necessary?

Hosting of your videos via StreamGate is quite important since once they are uploaded, they are stored on servers and this makes them available for streaming anytime. StreamGate provides these videos to your viewers allowing a better viewing experience and ensuring content protection and allowing for real-time streaming.

Live video stream hosting

Anytime you wish to broadcast the event in real time, the best way to do this is via live video stream from StreamGate. We shall provide you with the services of our complete modules and robust platform which ensures deep customization of your content. With real-time video servers, you will be able to deliver high-quality streaming, engage with your audience via a crystal clear stream, experience quality monitoring, real-time analytics as well as on demand playbacks. StreamGate’s live stream platform can be utilized by most events that happen in real time.

You can use live video streaming to provide your viewers with a firsthand experience of these events, rather than leaving them to view replays and recorded data which is not as unique since they might already know how the event came to a conclusion. Think of a football match, your viewers would prefer to watch it in real time rather than watch a recorded video while they already know the results of the match.

Streamgate - Live Streaming Analytics

Streamgate – Live Streaming Analytics


5 benefits of live video streaming

Live video streaming – 5 benefits

StreamGate offers an innovate way to broadcast your live events to a larger audience on a global scale. From seminars and work presentations, to large scale events, StreamGate provide an excellent, affordable, and easy to use solution for clients who want to stream their live events effortlessly. Here are 5 (of many) features you can use with StreamGate.

Live and on demand services

There’s not many video streaming solutions that allow clients to stream events in real time while also offering an on-demand service. Once the event is over, StreamGate users can access your seminar or presentation any time of the day, from anywhere across the globe.

Live video streaming on the go                 

Viewers don’t need to be at home to be able to watch your live streams. StreamGate delivers content that work on all electronic devices including smartphones and tablet computers, allowing your audience to watch your live video stream on the road or in an office. The quality of the stream is flawless on all devices, and users only require a connection to the internet.

Analytic reports

StreamGate has a very detailed video analytics system which provides clients with detailed information including number of visitors, page views, geo locations of viewers, viewer’s IP addresses, devices, browsers and operating systems and is able to differentiate between new and returning visitors.

We make live streams interactive

If you require interaction with your viewers, StreamGate allows you to use a live chat box which can be used for Q&A during or at the end of your live video stream. Clients also have the option of allowing the live audience to share the stream on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to give you maximum exposure.

Password protected video streaming 

We understand the importance of video streaming privacy and StreamGate has the solution by providing clients with password protected streams which are totally secure, and can only be accessed by the people you want.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what StreamGate offers its clients, some other features include:

  • Watermarked logos during streaming
  • Venue testing
  • Multiple camera shots
  • Custom built stream webpage
  • Sign up page for viewers
  • And much, much more!

StreamGate is changing the way businesses and organisations communicate with their clients with top quality live video steam delivery and hosting, amazing support, and an endless list of unique features that can be created to suit your needs.

Live video stream of the tax forum

Live video stream of the tax forum

Extend Your Reach With Live Streaming

Conferences everywhere are using Live Streaming as a means to reach those that aren’t geographically nearby and thus, connect with a wider audience. For example, last week at the Meetings & Events Australia National Conference in Darwin, even though Lauren was Live Streamingthe only member of the Forum Group Events team physically present to receive our National Awards for CSR and Education, the rest of our team were still able to enjoy the moment because of the Live Streaming.

Watching at home in Sydney, we still felt connected to the Association, the event and conference attendees, and we were able to compliment our industry colleagues on their speeches (without them knowing we were watching in our pyjamas)!

The weekend prior the TEDxSydney Conference utilised Live Streaming technology and had viewing parties from close as the Studio Theatre, underneath the main concert hall in the Opera House, to as far as Peru. In our increasingly global marketplace, we predict that within a few years Live Streaming will be the standard for all conferences wanting to have an internationally recognised brand.