Webcasts – Can be live or pre-recorded

Webcasts – Can be live or pre-recorded

StreamGate can pre-record webcasts that your audience can view on demand later. We have already discussed the benefits of how live webcasting can help a business and its organization better improve, but what about the uses of a pre recorded webcast?

I can use YouTube for a to pre record videos

Yes you can, but with YouTube you face many problems and limitations. For one you don’t actually own the content, any video that is uploaded to YouTube becomes their property, and at their own digression they can delete or suspend your account and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unlike a pre recorded webcast using StreamGate, YouTube will display adverts on your page which will tarnish the professionalism and integrity of both the video and your business. Most YouTube accounts will only allow you to record a 10 minute video and offer limited functionality, which doesn’t give businesses much practical use for it.

Are you better pre recorded?

Certain artists perform their live events using pre-recorded vocals and they do this because it improves the sound and there is no chance of them making a mistake that could compromise the event. If you are not a professional speaker or suffer stage fright doing live webcasts, opting for a pre recorded webcast may just be the solution you’re in need of. You can rehearse and test your script as many times as you like before we hit the record button.

Use our on-demand service

Hosting a webcast in Australia for an audience of people watching in the U.K, United States, and Hong Kong is going to be a difficult task. Nobody wants to stay awake until 4 am in the morning to catch a live webcast. StreamGate allows clients to record a pre recorded webcast which they can then put on demand so others across the world can wake up at a more favourable hour to watch.

The show must go on…

If you are the busy CEO or manager of an organization and have multiple events and meetings to deliver, you can use StreamGate to create your own pre recorded webcast.

Pre recorded webcasts provides many benefits like live webcasting and one isn’t necessarily better than the other, they both play an important role in communicating to your audience effective. The key is to find the right balance and know when to use live webcasting over pre recorded webcasts and vice versa. Sometimes live webcasts can give a much a better impact, while at other times it’s better to do a pre recorded webcast to ensure no hiccups or mistakes are to be made.

Live webcasting

Live webcasting