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More and more successful businesses are using the power of live webcasts to increase their reach and to ensure business meetings, events, and messages are having a much greater impact. StreamGate can help businesses progress forward in a number of ways with it’s live video webcast services that were not available before.

Webcasts are cheaper than traditional presentations

A traditional live presentation involves payment for a venue, hotel, food, travel and other miscellaneous expenses. Depending on your location, you may have to do the same event many times all over the country and this takes way too much time, costs a lot of money and isn’t really feasible.
One live video webcast can reach an astronomically number of people, compared to a single live event which are designed to hold only a set amount of people.

Lets you talk to a wider audience

Through the power of the internet you can literally communicate with half of the world if you really wanted too. Live webcasting can reach millions of people in various geological locations. If your business is rolling out new company polices or training materials. Using a video webcast, employees from different locations can get the information at the same time and this will insure consistency of work throughout the whole organisation.

Go green with live webcasts

Live webcasting is a much greener way to run your business, it shows your customers that you care about the environment and it will reduce your company’s carbon footprint on the world.

Quality of content and convenience

StreamGate offers the best live webcast stream on the web and provides its clients with a range of multi bit-rate streaming options depending on their needs. The convenience offered with live streaming allows your audience to view webcasts in the comfort of their own home, on their mobiles and on tablet computers.

We are living in age of technology  

Technology has taken over the business world and organizations use social media, mobile apps, blogs and online marketing campaigns to further increase awareness and bring in new business. Live webcasting events over the internet is just another branch of the tree that successful businesses will be taking advantage of.

There’s no doubt about the numerous benefits that live video webcasting provides not only your business but for your audience too.

StreamGate’s viewers can use live chat features which are filtered by actual moderators and allows users to have the option to remain anonymous if they wish. Live video webcasting is the new way businesses interact both internally and externally.

Webcasting solutions

Webcasting solutions