Live streaming and muli-bitrate delivery

Video Streaming – Live streaming and Multi-bitrate Delivery

Video streaming technology has seen a great deal of transformation in recent years. With the help of online streaming service providers, one will not only get to stream video content but also have access to live broadcasting. To make the deal even better, with StreamGate, you can stream videos in more than one rate, that is content delivered in more than a single bitrate – mulit bitrate publishing in low, medium and high speeds.

Live stream automatic multi-format

There are very many types of video formats, ranging from AVI, MP4 and MOV to name a few. The type of video file you view might be in a format that your hosting provider does not support and this gives you a cumbersome job of having to convert the video file to a supported format. However, with StreamGate’s hosting service, you can now stream your videos regardless of their format. View raw movies and videos, simple video files, camera captured videos or any other content in your preferred format without having to convert it. The live stream automatic multi format ability enables customers to view live or real time videos in a compatible format.

Live streaming

Live streaming can be done to various destinations and in several bitrates simultaneously. That means you can broadcast your content in real time using both standard definition and HD. StreamGate allows you to stream live to your own web site directly and with its pre-configured destinations; you can also broadcast your video to multiple destinations. This means you can easily stream directly to YouTube Live, UStream and other hosting services easily. With the multiple layer supports, you can add several layers of live broadcasting.

Streaming videos online has become a very essential alternative to TV broadcasting and other means of sharing videos and live feeds. Now with multi bitrate streaming, it has become even easier for users to access videos and information on time with the elimination of time wastage. With just a click, you can broadcast videos in several bitrates and to several destinations. This ensures that your video is received instantly by a larger worldwide audience.

Live video stream multi-bitrate delivery

Live video stream multi-bitrate delivery