What is a Video Conference?

What is a video conference?

In current times, a lot of people are looking for methods in which they can get their message across the globe and people have been using phones and other technologies like video conferencing to disperse their information. Organizations have worked hard to adapt to the ever changing rate of technology and the emergence of video conferencing has helped many people to interact and exchange their views without the need of travel. It is face to face interaction purely online with minimal hardware and software requirements.

StreamGate will assist you in selecting the best video solution that will help tackle your business communication needs. This includes features such as talking back and forth over multiple sites and also the inclusion of sharing PowerPoint presentations within the broadcast. Below are the reasons as to why you need to consider a video conferencing solution at your next event;

  • Increased productivity through connecting different work teams together.
  • Enable employees to join together through their desktop or phone by the use of internet.
  • It is an environmentally friendly communication solution as there is no need to travel.
  • It speeds up decision making by being live in screen which provides great customer interaction

Live video conferencing

Live video conferencing is also known as point to point video conferencing. It is the newest way people are using to connect with each other. It makes it possible for more than two people to meet and interact despite the distance separating them. Live video conferencing reduces the cost of travelling that employees and clients have to do in order to interact with each other. It will take little time to interact through video conferencing as compared to when you have to travel between countries. You can get the connection link from the internet at a very small cost. This type of technology has been a proven and highly successful way in which many groups of people can meet and interact at an affordable cost. At StreamGate, we provide state of the art technology that has been used within live video conferencing systems for years with proven results.

Conference broadcast

Good communication is what brings clarity to many employees located in different areas around the globe and another way you can make a meeting live is to involve yourself in conference broadcasting.  Non verbal communication signals like gestures are supported in video conferencing and are not possible in other communication mediums.

video conferencing web solutions

video conferencing web solutions


Video Streaming around the globe

Video Streaming Around the World

Thanks to the expansion of the internet in recent years, it is now easier than ever to do live video streaming from anywhere in the world. Today, thousands of people engage in video streaming for both business and personal reasons to reach audiences that were simply not possible before.

Thanks to companies like StreamGate for example, you can now engage in live video streaming to larger audiences than ever before. Any event that can be broadcast live to your website is now viewable on computers, laptops and mobile devices as well. There are many advantages that video streaming has with engaging the public that can range from small groups to millions of people depending on your reach.

What is Live Video Streaming?

Essentially, if you have a microphone and web camera device either attached or as part of your computer and access to the internet and the services of a company like StreamGate, you can engage in video streaming with your audience. For businesses, video streaming is a very important tool in connecting employees who are in different locations so that everyone shares the same information at once.

All you really need is a good web camera and a way to pick up sound effectively. All you need to do is post that to your website which in turn will be carried over the internet to the various locations where people can view the broadcast.

All types of events can be broadcast from single person lectures, panel discussions, video presentations, and even large concerts. All it takes is access to the internet with the right camera and sound equipment to transmit your event and it can be carried live over the web.

The Advantages of Video Streaming

There are several advantages for businesses and organizations to use the services of companies like StreamGate, a company dedicated to carrying live video streaming on the web.

Larger Audiences: There is no limit to the number of people who can view the broadcast as long as they have access to a computer or mobile device that conducts video streaming. All the little details of proper video streaming are handled by a professional company, so all you need to do is simply broadcast out from your location.

Cost Reduction: Imagine the amount of money it would take to fly in or even have employees from different parts of the city drive in to a single location. Web streaming is but a fraction of such costs which not only means that you lose less productivity, but also other expenses such as renting facilities, supplying food and drinks along with any entertainment.

Connect with Audiences: Not only do you have their attention, they can also engage with you through popular social media such as Twitter or Facebook, use viewer chat portals and even engage in question and answer sessions that pulls in your audience as well, if not more so than if they were actually there.

For businesses and organizations that want to engage in the most effective way to reach all of their employees at once with video conferencing, live video streaming through the web using companies such as StreamGate is the answer. They can even tell you how many people are watching, their interactivity and even their location as well. Live video streaming is the answer businesses have been looking for in connecting to their employees.

Video Streaming around the globe

Video Streaming around the globe

How can a webcast benefit your next event?

How can a webcast benefit your next event?

Currently, many companies are using webcasting technology to increase the results of their key events, messages, and meetings. The main advantage of webcasting is that it helps create a good communication relationship between them and their audience. The webcast can help you pass your message to specific listeners both in a convenient and private way. If, for example, you want to pass on a new corporate or procedure specifically only to your employees, webcasting can help you pass on this information to the people you want with password protection. Only the selected audience will receive this information on their computers. This kind of information can also serve a major purpose to the audience in case of another event.

Live event webcasting is the best technology used to channel live events like training sessions, meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and activities like team building. In addition, the audience can use it to communicate with their peers living in rural areas. Viewers can hear and see the presenters on the webcast website as this possible through, interactive chat boxes, live video and a presentation window supporting PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

Live webcasting can also be recorded, and you can watch it later in case you were not available when the event was happening like a live training session

Here is how a webcast can benefit your next event;

  • Large audiences you are able to reach an unlimited number of people around the world.
  • Rich content viewers are able to see the video of the presenters simultaneously with their PowerPoint presentation creating a rich media environment experience and being able to send questions to the presenters in real time.
  • It helps to preserve and share your knowledge Webcasting provides the perfect solution to preserve and archive your content that is easily accessible at any time which can also be shared freely or with a payment for viewers to access your content.
  • It is an excellent method of making creative communication It is a good way to interact with audiences and those who are interested can use their personal computer to watch the webcast.
  • It saves time and money you don’t have to be at the actual event to see what is happening which saves travelling costs and time. It can also save a company large amounts of money without the need of hiring large rooms for facilitating audiences. Webcasting is also an efficient way to write minutes and logs since it keeps a good meeting record.

StreamGate will take care of all the elements needed to make your event run smoothly so you are only required to concentrate on your message. Experts in our company will help you with the live event on the day, installation, management, and support. StreamGate will work hand in hand with you to give you the best webcast outcome.

Live Webcasting Data and Video

Live Webcasting Data and Video

What is Video Hosting?

Video Hosting

Video hosting is a process in which a person can upload a video to a server. Once the video is uploaded, they can keep it for a specific duration or keep it for an unspecified period of time. Through video hosting, one can share the contents of the video.

The advantages of video hosting include a cost effective and convenient way to host content free from the responsibility of bandwidth. One can upload videos using a user interface on a desktop to the hosting service. Video hosting has become popular with the increase of smart mobile phones. It is easier to capture the video and upload it automatically to the website using mobile phones. Video hosting is also widely used in blogging. In this the blogger simply uploads the video to a hosting provider and links to it from within their blog.

When a person takes a video, they can upload it to the website by browsing the file on the computer and giving the path of the file to the website. The time required to upload a video varies on factors like video file size and internet connection so it may take seconds or hours to upload the video. When an individual uses a Smartphone, this process is simplified to a great extent. The Smartphone has been programmed in such a way that the video gets uploaded to a specific website. As soon as the video is uploaded a link to the video is given to the user which he can share with their family and friends.

The main advantage of video hosting is that the user does not have to maintain servers in order to share the videos. Even though owning a server is not costly by today’s standards however it is easier to pay a monthly fee and the server space is there.

Customize your video

One can also manage the look and feel and control the functionality of the videos. The hosting servers help you customize the videos based on the requirement. They have mechanisms to manage the minute details of the video so that it best fits the webpage where it has been embedded.

One can also modify the design so that it matches the color theme of the website or the brand. There are buttons with the video that connect to social sites which make it easier for viewers to share it with others.

Streamgate Video Hosting

Streamgate Video Hosting

Webcasts – Can be live or pre-recorded

Webcasts – Can be live or pre-recorded

StreamGate can pre-record webcasts that your audience can view on demand later. We have already discussed the benefits of how live webcasting can help a business and its organization better improve, but what about the uses of a pre recorded webcast?

I can use YouTube for a to pre record videos

Yes you can, but with YouTube you face many problems and limitations. For one you don’t actually own the content, any video that is uploaded to YouTube becomes their property, and at their own digression they can delete or suspend your account and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unlike a pre recorded webcast using StreamGate, YouTube will display adverts on your page which will tarnish the professionalism and integrity of both the video and your business. Most YouTube accounts will only allow you to record a 10 minute video and offer limited functionality, which doesn’t give businesses much practical use for it.

Are you better pre recorded?

Certain artists perform their live events using pre-recorded vocals and they do this because it improves the sound and there is no chance of them making a mistake that could compromise the event. If you are not a professional speaker or suffer stage fright doing live webcasts, opting for a pre recorded webcast may just be the solution you’re in need of. You can rehearse and test your script as many times as you like before we hit the record button.

Use our on-demand service

Hosting a webcast in Australia for an audience of people watching in the U.K, United States, and Hong Kong is going to be a difficult task. Nobody wants to stay awake until 4 am in the morning to catch a live webcast. StreamGate allows clients to record a pre recorded webcast which they can then put on demand so others across the world can wake up at a more favourable hour to watch.

The show must go on…

If you are the busy CEO or manager of an organization and have multiple events and meetings to deliver, you can use StreamGate to create your own pre recorded webcast.

Pre recorded webcasts provides many benefits like live webcasting and one isn’t necessarily better than the other, they both play an important role in communicating to your audience effective. The key is to find the right balance and know when to use live webcasting over pre recorded webcasts and vice versa. Sometimes live webcasts can give a much a better impact, while at other times it’s better to do a pre recorded webcast to ensure no hiccups or mistakes are to be made.

Live webcasting

Live webcasting

Live webcast integration

Webcasts – Live Webcast PowerPoint integration

More and more successful businesses are using the power of live webcasts to increase their reach and to ensure business meetings, events, and messages are having a much greater impact. StreamGate can help businesses progress forward in a number of ways with it’s live video webcast services that were not available before.

Webcasts are cheaper than traditional presentations

A traditional live presentation involves payment for a venue, hotel, food, travel and other miscellaneous expenses. Depending on your location, you may have to do the same event many times all over the country and this takes way too much time, costs a lot of money and isn’t really feasible.
One live video webcast can reach an astronomically number of people, compared to a single live event which are designed to hold only a set amount of people.

Lets you talk to a wider audience

Through the power of the internet you can literally communicate with half of the world if you really wanted too. Live webcasting can reach millions of people in various geological locations. If your business is rolling out new company polices or training materials. Using a video webcast, employees from different locations can get the information at the same time and this will insure consistency of work throughout the whole organisation.

Go green with live webcasts

Live webcasting is a much greener way to run your business, it shows your customers that you care about the environment and it will reduce your company’s carbon footprint on the world.

Quality of content and convenience

StreamGate offers the best live webcast stream on the web and provides its clients with a range of multi bit-rate streaming options depending on their needs. The convenience offered with live streaming allows your audience to view webcasts in the comfort of their own home, on their mobiles and on tablet computers.

We are living in age of technology  

Technology has taken over the business world and organizations use social media, mobile apps, blogs and online marketing campaigns to further increase awareness and bring in new business. Live webcasting events over the internet is just another branch of the tree that successful businesses will be taking advantage of.

There’s no doubt about the numerous benefits that live video webcasting provides not only your business but for your audience too.

StreamGate’s viewers can use live chat features which are filtered by actual moderators and allows users to have the option to remain anonymous if they wish. Live video webcasting is the new way businesses interact both internally and externally.

Webcasting solutions

Webcasting solutions


Video Conferencing – The benefits of our new interfaces

Video Conferencing – the Benefits of our New Interfaces

The most common way businesses conduct a live video conference between various departments or geographical locations is to head to some fancy meeting room. The room consists of expensive specialized software that has limited functionality and flexibility. For example, what if two or more departments need to make a conference call at the same time or if an employee is not in the office? The current way of creating virtual meetings doesn’t seem all that practical or particularly useful within the business world we work in today.

Features of StreamGate video conferencing interfaces

StreamGate have revolutionized the way businesses use live video conferencing, no longer shackling you to the meeting rooms. Some of our fantastic new features include:

Inviting colleagues via text message: The days are over when you must send an e-mail or setup up a meeting days in advance to ensure everyone at the office is prepped and ready to be at the conference room at a certain date. The StreamGate video conference interface allows users to invite anyone in their mobile address book to a meeting. They aren’t required to run back to the office and head to the meeting room, instead our video conferencing services allows clients to join the conference instantly from their mobile device or tablet computer.

In-browser conferencing: We understand that sometimes business computers don’t allow the downloading of extra software due to the security threats they can provide. Luckily for our clients, our video conferencing services includes a web-plugin that lets you take part in company meetings and discussions using only a web browser.

StreamGate combined with Outlook: StreamGate has configured its video conference interface so clients can organize a StreamGate meeting with a single click!

Public and private chat options: If you’re in a meeting with your customers or some prospect clients and need to send some data or web links, you can with our public and private chat options. You can opt to chat to each party independently, or to all members involved at once.

Share your screen: Perhaps you have created a several page presentation and want to share that with the rest of the people involved at your conference. Using our video conference interface any member can share their screen with the rest of the participants, and switch from one screen to another effortlessly.

2X extreme definition: With all the features StreamGate offers, don’t think that we have slipped up on our video quality. Our video conferencing supports full HD and dual-screen multipoint videos.

Is there nothing StreamGate can’t provide? Well that’s a good question, we have listened to the feedback from our clients and have come up with what we believe is the most efficient, practical, and affordable solution to the future of video conferencing. With a sparkling new video conference interface that lets you do almost everything but order a hot Starbucks coffee straight to your office. We believe it’s time to ditch the old time consuming way of holding video conferences, and join us in the 21st century with live stream conferences.

Online Video Conferencing

Online Video Conferencing – the benefits of our new interfaces

The benefits of video conferencing

Video Conferencing – Benefits of Video conferencing

StreamGate video conferencing allows two or more locations to setup a live video conference with a crystal clear video stream, perfect audio, and allowing the exchange of data. Video conferencing provides businesses with a number of advantages that were not available to them before, but thanks to StreamGate who now offer a reliable, secure, and an affordable option. More and more businesses are starting to take advantage of what live video conferencing can do for them. These include:

Increasing work productivity

It’s not uncommon these days for an organization to have several offices around the world, with the majority of communication done using phone calls, e-mail, or an internal instant messaging service. Using these methods, it can sometimes be very difficult to get across your thoughts, especially if the topic is deep or complex.

A live video conference not only improves the communication between two or more parties, but increases the likelihood of both participants being more attentive and focused on the topics being discussed. With clearer communication comes better productivity, as individuals know exactly what they need to do.

Bringing employees of a business closer together

As mentioned, most commutations in a businesses are done via e-mail or phone calls, often members of a organization talk to each other on a daily basis without actually seeing one another. StreamGate video conferencing can allow employees or even the CEO of a company to setup a global company meeting with offices from across the globe. This feels more personal and makes employees feel apart of the team, compared to a generic e-mail response that would of been sent out on a huge mailing list, being ignored by many.

Video conferencing not only saves time, but money too!

Picture this, you’re on a live video conference call with one of the factory managers in China who’s showing you the latest prototype of your soon to be released product. Well with StreamGate video conferencing you’re no longer required to travel halfway across the world to discuss projects or waste valuable time travelling. Using our live video conference as the heading mentioned, will not only save you time, but money too!

You don’t require advanced computers to use StreamGate

StreamGate video conferencing doesn’t require you to buy the latest computers, servers, or a ultra-fast fibre optic internet connection. Our video conference works on all web browsers and most computers. It’s so simple that you can even have a video conference from your smartphone or table computer.

These are just a few of the many benefits that StreamGate video conferencing can provide for your business. Others include:

  • Allowing up to 6 different sites to connect to one call
  • Password protected video conferences
  • Conferences can be streamed live on the internet
  • Video, audio, and presentation broadcasting

With the countless benefits, added privacy, and a the lower costs compared to using alternative methods, StreamGate provides businesses with a efficient way to communicate better with it’s own organization, suppliers, and customers from all over the world, regardless of their location.

online video conferencing web solutions

online video conferencing web solutions

Video Streaming – Device Compatibility

Video Streaming – Device Compatibility

With the rise in technological advancements, streaming media both video and audio, has become a considerable tool to many consumers. There are many streaming services that have popped up here and there and people will tend to wonder whether there are any differences portrayed in the way they offer their services or if it is necessary for one to subscribe to more than one of these services. Video streaming however is based on the price, content availability and the compatibility of hardware. StreamGate hosting service is the best streaming service provider since it is very affordable, provides consumers with a good selection of options and has an easy to use user interface that is compatible on most devices.

Video stream

Video streaming is a service where video content might include recorded episodes, movies, audio and so forth which they get to watch from a computer or other compatible device. Video streaming is done either in standard definition or in HD. In most cases, the live standard definition streaming will tend to be cheaper than live HD streaming.

Streaming video is usually instant, and loading time depends on your internet connection. If you have a very strong connection, you will get to watch content instantly.

Video streaming compatibility

When we talk about video streaming compatibility, it’s all about the devices that can be used to access the content and allows you to view the videos at ease. Streaming compatibility varies from one service provider to another.  StreamGate is compatible with most streaming devices which include computers, major gaming consoles, android devices and gadgets running iOS. You could also watch streamed content through the Nintendo 3Ds, Blu-Ray disc players, tablets, home theater systems and set-top boxes. Some more advanced TVs are also compatible with video streaming services. Video Streaming does require a web browser to operate correctly. You need to ensure that the devices you are using for your streaming services have an integrated browser, which you will use to access StreamGate.

It is also advisable to use StreamGate since they provide you maximum bandwidth that will allow you to get more hours of video streaming.

Live video streaming - device compatibility

Live video streaming – device compatibility

Any event can be streamed live or pre-recorded

Video Streaming – Any event can be streamed live or can be recorded

With the increasing need to share content with your colleagues, clients, share important videos, advertise and business updates, hosting content online is the perfect solution. This method allows easy access to your content so it can then be viewed by your audience whenever they feel like. With the help of these video streaming service providers, any event can be streamed live or be pre-recorded and viewed later either on a computer or any other supported device.

Advantages of video content hosting

Any time you host your videos with StreamGate, you can easily lead prospective customers to your site and let them interact through that platform rather than on YouTube. This will ultimately generate more revenue and increase traffic through your site.

Similarly, through video analytic services provided by StreamGate, you will easily get to know about the progress of your videos, their reception and their impact. You will get a summary of loads, plays, hours watched and the average viewer engagement.

If you have a sales video, video content hosting is the best way to ensure viewership and viewers are prompted with a “call to action” option after viewing the video.

Is video streaming hosting necessary?

Hosting of your videos via StreamGate is quite important since once they are uploaded, they are stored on servers and this makes them available for streaming anytime. StreamGate provides these videos to your viewers allowing a better viewing experience and ensuring content protection and allowing for real-time streaming.

Live video stream hosting

Anytime you wish to broadcast the event in real time, the best way to do this is via live video stream from StreamGate. We shall provide you with the services of our complete modules and robust platform which ensures deep customization of your content. With real-time video servers, you will be able to deliver high-quality streaming, engage with your audience via a crystal clear stream, experience quality monitoring, real-time analytics as well as on demand playbacks. StreamGate’s live stream platform can be utilized by most events that happen in real time.

You can use live video streaming to provide your viewers with a firsthand experience of these events, rather than leaving them to view replays and recorded data which is not as unique since they might already know how the event came to a conclusion. Think of a football match, your viewers would prefer to watch it in real time rather than watch a recorded video while they already know the results of the match.

Streamgate - Live Streaming Analytics

Streamgate – Live Streaming Analytics