Video Streaming around the globe

Video Streaming Around the World

Thanks to the expansion of the internet in recent years, it is now easier than ever to do live video streaming from anywhere in the world. Today, thousands of people engage in video streaming for both business and personal reasons to reach audiences that were simply not possible before.

Thanks to companies like StreamGate for example, you can now engage in live video streaming to larger audiences than ever before. Any event that can be broadcast live to your website is now viewable on computers, laptops and mobile devices as well. There are many advantages that video streaming has with engaging the public that can range from small groups to millions of people depending on your reach.

What is Live Video Streaming?

Essentially, if you have a microphone and web camera device either attached or as part of your computer and access to the internet and the services of a company like StreamGate, you can engage in video streaming with your audience. For businesses, video streaming is a very important tool in connecting employees who are in different locations so that everyone shares the same information at once.

All you really need is a good web camera and a way to pick up sound effectively. All you need to do is post that to your website which in turn will be carried over the internet to the various locations where people can view the broadcast.

All types of events can be broadcast from single person lectures, panel discussions, video presentations, and even large concerts. All it takes is access to the internet with the right camera and sound equipment to transmit your event and it can be carried live over the web.

The Advantages of Video Streaming

There are several advantages for businesses and organizations to use the services of companies like StreamGate, a company dedicated to carrying live video streaming on the web.

Larger Audiences: There is no limit to the number of people who can view the broadcast as long as they have access to a computer or mobile device that conducts video streaming. All the little details of proper video streaming are handled by a professional company, so all you need to do is simply broadcast out from your location.

Cost Reduction: Imagine the amount of money it would take to fly in or even have employees from different parts of the city drive in to a single location. Web streaming is but a fraction of such costs which not only means that you lose less productivity, but also other expenses such as renting facilities, supplying food and drinks along with any entertainment.

Connect with Audiences: Not only do you have their attention, they can also engage with you through popular social media such as Twitter or Facebook, use viewer chat portals and even engage in question and answer sessions that pulls in your audience as well, if not more so than if they were actually there.

For businesses and organizations that want to engage in the most effective way to reach all of their employees at once with video conferencing, live video streaming through the web using companies such as StreamGate is the answer. They can even tell you how many people are watching, their interactivity and even their location as well. Live video streaming is the answer businesses have been looking for in connecting to their employees.

Video Streaming around the globe

Video Streaming around the globe

Video Streaming – Device Compatibility

Video Streaming – Device Compatibility

With the rise in technological advancements, streaming media both video and audio, has become a considerable tool to many consumers. There are many streaming services that have popped up here and there and people will tend to wonder whether there are any differences portrayed in the way they offer their services or if it is necessary for one to subscribe to more than one of these services. Video streaming however is based on the price, content availability and the compatibility of hardware. StreamGate hosting service is the best streaming service provider since it is very affordable, provides consumers with a good selection of options and has an easy to use user interface that is compatible on most devices.

Video stream

Video streaming is a service where video content might include recorded episodes, movies, audio and so forth which they get to watch from a computer or other compatible device. Video streaming is done either in standard definition or in HD. In most cases, the live standard definition streaming will tend to be cheaper than live HD streaming.

Streaming video is usually instant, and loading time depends on your internet connection. If you have a very strong connection, you will get to watch content instantly.

Video streaming compatibility

When we talk about video streaming compatibility, it’s all about the devices that can be used to access the content and allows you to view the videos at ease. Streaming compatibility varies from one service provider to another.  StreamGate is compatible with most streaming devices which include computers, major gaming consoles, android devices and gadgets running iOS. You could also watch streamed content through the Nintendo 3Ds, Blu-Ray disc players, tablets, home theater systems and set-top boxes. Some more advanced TVs are also compatible with video streaming services. Video Streaming does require a web browser to operate correctly. You need to ensure that the devices you are using for your streaming services have an integrated browser, which you will use to access StreamGate.

It is also advisable to use StreamGate since they provide you maximum bandwidth that will allow you to get more hours of video streaming.

Live video streaming - device compatibility

Live video streaming – device compatibility

5 benefits of live video streaming

Live video streaming – 5 benefits

StreamGate offers an innovate way to broadcast your live events to a larger audience on a global scale. From seminars and work presentations, to large scale events, StreamGate provide an excellent, affordable, and easy to use solution for clients who want to stream their live events effortlessly. Here are 5 (of many) features you can use with StreamGate.

Live and on demand services

There’s not many video streaming solutions that allow clients to stream events in real time while also offering an on-demand service. Once the event is over, StreamGate users can access your seminar or presentation any time of the day, from anywhere across the globe.

Live video streaming on the go                 

Viewers don’t need to be at home to be able to watch your live streams. StreamGate delivers content that work on all electronic devices including smartphones and tablet computers, allowing your audience to watch your live video stream on the road or in an office. The quality of the stream is flawless on all devices, and users only require a connection to the internet.

Analytic reports

StreamGate has a very detailed video analytics system which provides clients with detailed information including number of visitors, page views, geo locations of viewers, viewer’s IP addresses, devices, browsers and operating systems and is able to differentiate between new and returning visitors.

We make live streams interactive

If you require interaction with your viewers, StreamGate allows you to use a live chat box which can be used for Q&A during or at the end of your live video stream. Clients also have the option of allowing the live audience to share the stream on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to give you maximum exposure.

Password protected video streaming 

We understand the importance of video streaming privacy and StreamGate has the solution by providing clients with password protected streams which are totally secure, and can only be accessed by the people you want.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what StreamGate offers its clients, some other features include:

  • Watermarked logos during streaming
  • Venue testing
  • Multiple camera shots
  • Custom built stream webpage
  • Sign up page for viewers
  • And much, much more!

StreamGate is changing the way businesses and organisations communicate with their clients with top quality live video steam delivery and hosting, amazing support, and an endless list of unique features that can be created to suit your needs.

Live video stream of the tax forum

Live video stream of the tax forum