The benefits of video conferencing

Video Conferencing – Benefits of Video conferencing

StreamGate video conferencing allows two or more locations to setup a live video conference with a crystal clear video stream, perfect audio, and allowing the exchange of data. Video conferencing provides businesses with a number of advantages that were not available to them before, but thanks to StreamGate who now offer a reliable, secure, and an affordable option. More and more businesses are starting to take advantage of what live video conferencing can do for them. These include:

Increasing work productivity

It’s not uncommon these days for an organization to have several offices around the world, with the majority of communication done using phone calls, e-mail, or an internal instant messaging service. Using these methods, it can sometimes be very difficult to get across your thoughts, especially if the topic is deep or complex.

A live video conference not only improves the communication between two or more parties, but increases the likelihood of both participants being more attentive and focused on the topics being discussed. With clearer communication comes better productivity, as individuals know exactly what they need to do.

Bringing employees of a business closer together

As mentioned, most commutations in a businesses are done via e-mail or phone calls, often members of a organization talk to each other on a daily basis without actually seeing one another. StreamGate video conferencing can allow employees or even the CEO of a company to setup a global company meeting with offices from across the globe. This feels more personal and makes employees feel apart of the team, compared to a generic e-mail response that would of been sent out on a huge mailing list, being ignored by many.

Video conferencing not only saves time, but money too!

Picture this, you’re on a live video conference call with one of the factory managers in China who’s showing you the latest prototype of your soon to be released product. Well with StreamGate video conferencing you’re no longer required to travel halfway across the world to discuss projects or waste valuable time travelling. Using our live video conference as the heading mentioned, will not only save you time, but money too!

You don’t require advanced computers to use StreamGate

StreamGate video conferencing doesn’t require you to buy the latest computers, servers, or a ultra-fast fibre optic internet connection. Our video conference works on all web browsers and most computers. It’s so simple that you can even have a video conference from your smartphone or table computer.

These are just a few of the many benefits that StreamGate video conferencing can provide for your business. Others include:

  • Allowing up to 6 different sites to connect to one call
  • Password protected video conferences
  • Conferences can be streamed live on the internet
  • Video, audio, and presentation broadcasting

With the countless benefits, added privacy, and a the lower costs compared to using alternative methods, StreamGate provides businesses with a efficient way to communicate better with it’s own organization, suppliers, and customers from all over the world, regardless of their location.

online video conferencing web solutions

online video conferencing web solutions

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