Video Conferencing – The benefits of our new interfaces

Video Conferencing – the Benefits of our New Interfaces

The most common way businesses conduct a live video conference between various departments or geographical locations is to head to some fancy meeting room. The room consists of expensive specialized software that has limited functionality and flexibility. For example, what if two or more departments need to make a conference call at the same time or if an employee is not in the office? The current way of creating virtual meetings doesn’t seem all that practical or particularly useful within the business world we work in today.

Features of StreamGate video conferencing interfaces

StreamGate have revolutionized the way businesses use live video conferencing, no longer shackling you to the meeting rooms. Some of our fantastic new features include:

Inviting colleagues via text message: The days are over when you must send an e-mail or setup up a meeting days in advance to ensure everyone at the office is prepped and ready to be at the conference room at a certain date. The StreamGate video conference interface allows users to invite anyone in their mobile address book to a meeting. They aren’t required to run back to the office and head to the meeting room, instead our video conferencing services allows clients to join the conference instantly from their mobile device or tablet computer.

In-browser conferencing: We understand that sometimes business computers don’t allow the downloading of extra software due to the security threats they can provide. Luckily for our clients, our video conferencing services includes a web-plugin that lets you take part in company meetings and discussions using only a web browser.

StreamGate combined with Outlook: StreamGate has configured its video conference interface so clients can organize a StreamGate meeting with a single click!

Public and private chat options: If you’re in a meeting with your customers or some prospect clients and need to send some data or web links, you can with our public and private chat options. You can opt to chat to each party independently, or to all members involved at once.

Share your screen: Perhaps you have created a several page presentation and want to share that with the rest of the people involved at your conference. Using our video conference interface any member can share their screen with the rest of the participants, and switch from one screen to another effortlessly.

2X extreme definition: With all the features StreamGate offers, don’t think that we have slipped up on our video quality. Our video conferencing supports full HD and dual-screen multipoint videos.

Is there nothing StreamGate can’t provide? Well that’s a good question, we have listened to the feedback from our clients and have come up with what we believe is the most efficient, practical, and affordable solution to the future of video conferencing. With a sparkling new video conference interface that lets you do almost everything but order a hot Starbucks coffee straight to your office. We believe it’s time to ditch the old time consuming way of holding video conferences, and join us in the 21st century with live stream conferences.

Online Video Conferencing

Online Video Conferencing – the benefits of our new interfaces

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