What is a Video Conference?

What is a video conference?

In current times, a lot of people are looking for methods in which they can get their message across the globe and people have been using phones and other technologies like video conferencing to disperse their information. Organizations have worked hard to adapt to the ever changing rate of technology and the emergence of video conferencing has helped many people to interact and exchange their views without the need of travel. It is face to face interaction purely online with minimal hardware and software requirements.

StreamGate will assist you in selecting the best video solution that will help tackle your business communication needs. This includes features such as talking back and forth over multiple sites and also the inclusion of sharing PowerPoint presentations within the broadcast. Below are the reasons as to why you need to consider a video conferencing solution at your next event;

  • Increased productivity through connecting different work teams together.
  • Enable employees to join together through their desktop or phone by the use of internet.
  • It is an environmentally friendly communication solution as there is no need to travel.
  • It speeds up decision making by being live in screen which provides great customer interaction

Live video conferencing

Live video conferencing is also known as point to point video conferencing. It is the newest way people are using to connect with each other. It makes it possible for more than two people to meet and interact despite the distance separating them. Live video conferencing reduces the cost of travelling that employees and clients have to do in order to interact with each other. It will take little time to interact through video conferencing as compared to when you have to travel between countries. You can get the connection link from the internet at a very small cost. This type of technology has been a proven and highly successful way in which many groups of people can meet and interact at an affordable cost. At StreamGate, we provide state of the art technology that has been used within live video conferencing systems for years with proven results.

Conference broadcast

Good communication is what brings clarity to many employees located in different areas around the globe and another way you can make a meeting live is to involve yourself in conference broadcasting.  Non verbal communication signals like gestures are supported in video conferencing and are not possible in other communication mediums.

video conferencing web solutions

video conferencing web solutions


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