What is Video Hosting?

Video Hosting

Video hosting is a process in which a person can upload a video to a server. Once the video is uploaded, they can keep it for a specific duration or keep it for an unspecified period of time. Through video hosting, one can share the contents of the video.

The advantages of video hosting include a cost effective and convenient way to host content free from the responsibility of bandwidth. One can upload videos using a user interface on a desktop to the hosting service. Video hosting has become popular with the increase of smart mobile phones. It is easier to capture the video and upload it automatically to the website using mobile phones. Video hosting is also widely used in blogging. In this the blogger simply uploads the video to a hosting provider and links to it from within their blog.

When a person takes a video, they can upload it to the website by browsing the file on the computer and giving the path of the file to the website. The time required to upload a video varies on factors like video file size and internet connection so it may take seconds or hours to upload the video. When an individual uses a Smartphone, this process is simplified to a great extent. The Smartphone has been programmed in such a way that the video gets uploaded to a specific website. As soon as the video is uploaded a link to the video is given to the user which he can share with their family and friends.

The main advantage of video hosting is that the user does not have to maintain servers in order to share the videos. Even though owning a server is not costly by today’s standards however it is easier to pay a monthly fee and the server space is there.

Customize your video

One can also manage the look and feel and control the functionality of the videos. The hosting servers help you customize the videos based on the requirement. They have mechanisms to manage the minute details of the video so that it best fits the webpage where it has been embedded.

One can also modify the design so that it matches the color theme of the website or the brand. There are buttons with the video that connect to social sites which make it easier for viewers to share it with others.

Streamgate Video Hosting

Streamgate Video Hosting

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